Butcher Row Studios

Music Recording

  • £300 per day (8 hour day)
  • £40 per hour (minimum 3 hour booking)


  • Drum Kit (Gretsch) - £30 for first day and £15 for every day there after - Drum kit will be set up and mic'ed prior to commencement of first session saving you both time and money.
  • Guitar Amp (VOX AC-30) - £10 per amp, per day.
  • Bass Amp (Hartke) - £10 per amp, per day.
  • Use of synths, keyboards, percussion and drum machines - FREE of charge.
  • All masters to be delivered as AIFF or WAV files at the end of the session.

Voice Overs & Post Production

  • £65 per hour (without video)
  • £75 per hour (with video)
  • Please call for enquires on daily rates.